Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

We embrace and promote practices that bring together people of all cultures, backgrounds, abilities, and personal truths through our school’s core values. We do this for the sake of our students, staff, and community so that everyone is welcome, accommodated, and celebrated for who they are. Our mission is a daily reminder of our ultimate journey towards inclusivity, equity, and global citizenship.

Core Values

HSA Belmont promotes six core values to guide its interactions with all members of the school community:
Respect – All members of the school community (students, parents, and staff) have equal worth and should be treated with respect.
Responsibility – All people have choices, and teachers, parents, and students should be responsible for their actions.
Integrity – Belonging to a community requires a commitment to the common good. The community is stronger when everyone can be counted upon to be honest and trustworthy.
Courage – Having the courage to try new things expands minds and causes students, parents, and staff to reach beyond their own expectations.
Curiosity – The ability to wonder and to create connections stimulates further learning. Inquiry will be fostered on the part of parents, staff, and students.
Effort – Success is accomplished when students, family, and staff are willing to do what it takes to accomplish their vision of the future.